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Then have your own mini website for a mere £25 a YEAR (if you wish to)

Yes £25 a YEAR!!! for your very own mini website within ACTSRUS

You can’t afford NOT to be on ACTSRUS

Just one booking or job offer and you’ve paid for it over and over again



Not only is the website being advertised it is also be linked to others and a publication on Amazon.com where members of the public, organisations and those within the trade will be directed to YOU!!!


Your website

What could be more professional and impressive than handing out your business card or promo material and saying:

"Oh by the way you can check out my web-pages on the website"

What could be more comforting, professional and impressive when talking to a prospective booker or employer than when you say:

"Oh by the way you can check out my web-pages on my website"

We don’t mind you calling it your website, after all your mini website is on it

Be ahead of the crowd

Get noticed

Look professional



That’s right No agents fees

‘ACTSRUS’ does not take a single penny from a booking the entire price you agree is ‘ALL YOURS’

The website is merely a shop window for you to ‘Showcase your Talents’

That means you can even quote a little less and make the same amount of money

A win win scenario for you and the person booking you


Tax benefit

Oh yes check it out

If you’re self employed as most of you are

Talk to your accountant, this is a legitimate business expenditure


Free Auditions and Casting Information

Of course this is a free service to those that want you to attend an audition or apply for a job etc

However those Casting Directors, Chorographers, Agents, TV Companies, Holiday Companies etc etc etc........

Will be looking to see their ad has been placed and will naturally want to go to the relevant section on the ACTSRUS website to see which acts are in there and view YOUR web-pages

All this for a mere £25 a YEAR

Log on now, have fun and ‘Break A Leg’

You can’t afford NOT to!!!


Your window into Entertainment Your window into Entertainment Your window into Entertainment Your window into Entertainment Your window into Entertainment